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The Testing Bootcamp course contains a range of training modules and is geared towards giving you all the essential information on the chosen topics condensed into intensive training sessions.

At the end of the Bootcamp training course you will be ready to take your first steps into the Software testing.

In this course you will learn a  standardized approach to software testing that will be immediately applicable to your projects.

Target group: new-joiners.

Prerequisites: There are no specific prerequisites for this course. 

Duration: customizable, 3-6 days.

Training objectives:

  • Understand and use international standards and terminology.

  • Understand and implement effective testing techniques.

  • Learn Verification Methods: Walkthroughs and Reviews

  • Learn Developing Test Cases from Requirements 

  • Understand the importance of Traceability


This course covers the following areas: 

  • Fundamentals of software testing 

  • Testing throughout the life cycle (software development models, test levels, test types)

  • Test design techniques (e.g. specification-based or black-box techniques, structure-based or white-box techniques)

  • Static testing (static testing techniques, review process, tool-assisted static analysis)

  • Tools to support testing

  • Optional: Agile Testing Methods, Techniques, and Tools

  • Optional: Testing processes and procedures in the Mobile applications sector


How to apply:

☑ Classroom, private/on-site  book it here

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