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ISTQB® Test Manager training by Day Consulting is accredited by ISTQB®, which means that the independent assessment proved the professionalism of our trainers and the quality and coverage of our training material.


The Advanced Level course is aimed at people who have achieved an advanced point in their careers in software testing.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to pass an exam certifying you as an ISTQB® Certified Tester - Advanced Level. In order to get the certification you will be required to pass a 180-minute exam. 


Prerequisites: candidates must hold the Foundation Certificate and demonstrate sufficient practical experience.

Duration: 5 days

Training objectives:

  • Learn aspects of test planning, estimation, monitoring and control.

  • Acquire the necessary skills and understanding to further develop test management and improve the test process.

  • Be well prepared for the exam.

  • Identify the missing testing skills for the career development purposes.


This course covers the following areas: 

  • Testing process

  • Test management (Risk-based testing, Test estimation and test metrics, Business value of testing)

  • Reviews

  • Defect Management

  • Improving the testing process (CMMi, TPI, CTP, STEP)

  • Test tool and automation

  • People skills (Test team dynamics, Motivation, Communication)


How to apply:

☑ Classroom or online, private/on-site  book it here

☑ Online, public  book it here

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