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ISTQB® Foundation 4.0 Training Course in Vilnius and Kaunas

Classroom training fee EUR 950 includes: exam fee, training materials, lunches, refreshments

Promo: 2nd participant from the same company gets 10% discount, 3rd participant gets 30% discount, 4th participant gets 40% discount!

Language: English

Exam only fee EUR 230

About this course

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ISTQB® Foundation and Test Manager Training Course in Vilnius:

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This ISTQB Software Testing Foundation training course covers the following topics:

The Fundamentals of Testing:

  • What is testing?

  • Why is testing required?

  • How much testing is a good amount?

  • Static testing Vs. dynamic testing

  • The seven principles of testing

  • The fundamental test processes

  • Testing psychology

Testing throughout the Lifecycle:

  • Test levels

  • Software development designs

  • Component testing

  • Component integration

  • System testing

  • System integration

  • Acceptance testing

  • Alpha and Beta testing

  • Functional testing

  • Non-functional testing

  • Maintenance testing

  • Structural testing

  • Retesting Vs. Regression testing

Static Test Techniques:

  • Walkthroughs

  • Reviews

  • Technical reviews

  • Inspections

  • Static analysis

Testing Design Techniques:

  • Test development process

  • Black box Vs. white-box testing

  • Equivalence partitioning

  • Boundary value analysis

  • State transition testing

  • Decision table testing

  • Use Case testing

  • Statement testing Vs. decision testing

  • Experience-based testing

Test Management:

  • Organisation

  • Planning

  • Estimation, control, and monitoring

  • Managing configuration

  • Managing incidents

  • Risk management

Tool Support for Testing:

  • Test tool types

  • Using tools effectively

  • Selecting and implementing tools

Duration: 3 full days

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